Thursday, 9 October 2014

Only two more sleeps...

Counting down the hours until Waihi!

I've tried to keep things pretty low-key this week.  Turns out I'm not very good at 'relaxing'.  I end up doing the whole boredom-eating thing and get all morose.  Blah.  It would probably be a little easier to manage if it wasn't school holidays - I could go for a walk into town or study to keep my mind off things... Ah, who am I kidding?  I'd still be eating all the things ;)  Tapering isn't so bad, but I'm really looking forward to Saturday.  I also plan on drinking a few wines afterwards.  Birthday celebration, y'know.

On Monday Deane took the day off work and we headed out to Okura Bay to take the kids for a walk.  It wasn't the best weather, but we were lucky to avoid the rain and the wind wasn't too ferocious.  We managed about 6km all up, and it took us about two hours.  Not bad for lazy kids who didn't want to be there ;)  Tuesday was a blob day, and yesterday I took the boys to Jump.  That was a lot of fun!  I was doing back flips and baranis like I was still 12 years old. It was like riding a bike, my body hadn't forgotten how to do it.  Sadly though, that afternoon and today it is kindly reminding me that I am most definitely NOT still 12 years old.  My lower back is a little unhappy.  Hmm, maybe trampolining wasn't the best idea a few days out from my first marathon...  I don't regret it though, we had such a good time!  You can just tell from this 'after' selfie, lol:

Also, point to note: ladies, don't forget those pelvic floor exercises.  Seriously important!  TMI?  Perhaps...

Today was housework day.  I'd have skipped it, but the parents are coming to stay.  Can't have them arriving to a cesspit now, can we?  Tomorrow, aside from cooking, I'm going to be enjoying a day-long date with the couch and the latest Diana Gabaldon novel.  And lots of pillows.  Maybe some chocolate.  Yes.

I'm completely packed for Saturday aside from the food and water, and have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast.  It's been looking like it'll rain on the weekend, but at last check things had improved somewhat.  Fingers crossed it's not pouring!!  We received the final info email the other day.  Turns out the course has been extended slightly and is now 43.5km instead of 42.2.  Wonder if you could class that as an ultra? ;P  Sadly, there is no medal for finishing this race.  I'm a little disappointed that I'll have nothing to commemorate the occasion, but whatevs.  Maybe I'll make my own...

Alright, time to sit back and relax, get a couple of early nights and prepare for the big day.  Wish me luck!!

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  1. I wish you so much good luck! Not that you need it because you have trained well and seem super-organised! I think they stagger the start now, but my tip is to remember that the first into the tunnels are the first out by a long shot :)
    Will be thinking of you, and....Happy Birthday!!!