Thursday, 6 November 2014

Injury. But not that injury.

So.  Last week I conceded that I had an injury - a minor strain of the peroneal tendons in my left leg.  Well, those are fine now.  The rest from running did the trick and sorted it out nicely.  I started up a coaching program on my Nike app for a 10km, with the aim of moving on to the half training in time for Coatesville next March.  I had trash-talked on Facebook with a runner friend about what is and is not an acceptable half marathon time, and we'd agreed to run Coatesville with me attempting a sub 1:45.  My PR is 1:45:22, although that was a training run so it's not 'official'.  I figured that in order to get back to that pace level, I'd need a bit of hard work to build up - speed work, fartleks, tempo runs, hill training, yada yada.  The advanced training program fits that all in quite well.  It gives you something to follow rather than just winging it, which is what I usually do, and end up just running a bunch of LSDs (long slow distance) and mid-distance runs.  The week started out well - I ran the suggested 6.4km with a pick up in speed for the last 1.6km on Monday.  Well, sort of.  I was at the tail end of a nasty head cold so my energy levels weren't the best*.  Tuesday called for a fartlek run of 9.7km - 1.6km warm up, 4.9km fartlek running in two minute intervals (I alternated between 9kmph and 12kmph) then 3.2km cool down.  I used the treadmill for that, just to make it easier to alter pace and keep an eye on the timing, stretching it out to a nice round 10km.

Wednesday was supposed to be an easy 8km.  I geared up at 11am with the intention of heading along Tamaki Drive for an out-and-back, but got as far as Victoria Park before giving up and walking home.  Why?  Runner's Knee, back with a vengeance.  I had lunch and fluffed around for a while.  My knee felt much better and I considered doing a treadmill run instead, before Deane put the kibosh on that.  Fine, call it a rest day then...  Mope, mope, mope...

This morning I set the alarm for 5.30am, planning to run the out-and-back and catch the sunrise.  My knee felt perfectly fine.  I got out of bed and started getting dressed when it started to rain.  Back to bed!  After breakfast, sending the kids to school, and generally waffling around (eg: reading this post by Super Generic Girl and watching these videos about Mal Law's High Five-0 challenge and getting all inspired to run), I jumped on the treadmill to avoid the rain and run that 8km.  Guess what?  Big ol' ball o' Nope.  First 200m?  Fine.  Everything after that?  Ouch.  I stopped at 700m.  Lame!  You come to recognise the niggles that will go away and the ones that are going to persist and keep getting worse.  This was the latter.  Sigh.  The really frustrating thing is that it only hurts when I'm running.  The rest of the time it feels 100% fine, like I could just go for a run without any problems.  I guess I could look on the bright side, and see it as something that I've caught early and can fix relatively quickly.  At least I hope that's the case...

Strengthening exercises, stretching, cross-training.  That's what's happening in the next couple of weeks.  Oh, and Coatesville?  Not gonna happen.  Not because I won't be able to achieve that time, but because it's scheduled for the day after The Hillary (which I pre-registered for months ago).  I can't do both, and I'd far rather run 34km off-road than 21km on-road!  I'll try and beat my PR another day :)

Side notes:
My hair is getting longer - can you call this a pony tail?  LOL!!

I'm getting bored with the extra time and having Deane working at home most days meaning I can't take over the lounge and use it as a home gym.  I made the kids mini pancake kebabs for breakfast yesterday:

And I started this light cotton fingering-weight sweater last Wednesday:

I'm not sure if I have enough green to do all the stripes prescribed in the pattern, so I'm knitting the sleeves now to see what's left before continuing on with the body.  I have a feeling I'm going to run short, and the rest of the body (and the corresponding length of the sleeves) is going to be in the natural.  We'll call it a design feature ;)

Have a good week!  I hope your weather is better than Auckland's.  Spring can kiss my butt.  Bring on summer!

*I say nasty head cold, but I fared better than the rest of the family - my illness lasted a few days and didn't require any form of medication (although that could have something to do with my stubbornness), whereas Deane was a complete write-off for two full days, requiring some pretty heavy-duty cold meds, and was a whiney pain in the ass for a day or two either side.  Healthy eating and fitness for the win!!  

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