Monday, 15 December 2014

Curve balls

Sorry, sorry, sorry.  No, I have not disappeared off the face of the earth, I have just been busy while not actually being busy.  If that makes sense.  Probably not...

Just when you think life is starting to come right, it throws you a curve ball.  While nearly recovering from it, BAM!  Here comes another one.  It's been one thing after another for the past few weeks, and to be honest I'm a little bit over 2014 now.  I think the boys are too - they've been sick a lot in the last six weeks, all starting with the vicious head cold that took us down one by one in early November.  Then T got pneumonia, and X has been sick the last week and a half as well.  I did not get to reap the benefits of the last couple of weeks of school getting last minute things done while they enjoyed slow-paced Christmas crafting and fun games.  No, instead I got a day here or there between one or the other or both boys home.  I'd feel bad about them being sick, but they are just a little too happy about getting to lounge on the couch all day with a computer or X Box in their face.   At least during that time I managed to get all the Christmas shopping done.  We're just waiting on one more gift to arrive in the mail, and then we are good to go.  This week is all about the Christmas baking - shortbread, gingerbread cookies, and peppermint bark are on the to-do list.  Now, where did I put my motivation...?

I have been without a cellphone since last Tuesday which has been very irksome.  I try not to be too materialistic, but damned if that thing isn't useful.  I have fallen into the habit of using it for just about everything - looking up information, organising my calendar, texting and phone calls (obvs), social media, photos, keeping track of random bits and pieces (and, y'know, the time) - I'm trying to be patient and wait for Deane to finish fixing it as I know he is very busy, but I'm starting to get beyond irritated to the point where shouty kreachr is about to rear her ugly head.  I went for a lovely run on Saturday through the Pararaha Valley, up the waterfalls and stream (which included some mildly terrifying rock-climbing and shimmying along very narrow ledges with only jutting rocks to hang on to and a rocky cliff below), waist-high stream crossings (I slipped and dunked myself twice - oops), beautiful bush surroundings, a giant fishing spider, and the usual amazing bird song and west coast views that the Waitakeres are famous for.  But of course I have nothing to show for it because I didn't have my phone/camera :(

My running has been going well in terms of knee issues - there aren't really any now.  But it's going bad in terms of there hasn't really been much happening.  I have become lazy again, and it's bugging me.  However, that irritation is not enough to get me out of bed for an early morning run, despite my love of early morning runs.  Nor is it enough to get me off my butt to do a workout.  Nope, instead I just end up eating all the food in the house, and hunting out delicious treats elsewhere such as the vegan cream doughnuts at Tart Bakery in Grey Lynn.  Yes, that's right.  VEGAN CREAM DOUGHNUTS.  I drove out there this morning to get one for breakfast, and despite my trepidation about the coconut-based cream, it was delightfully scrumptious and I did not suffer any ill effects from it.  I think I shall have to never return to that bakery, for fear of consuming far too many of these delights and growing to the size of a house.  Oh, and did I mention that Il Buco has no less than six different vegan pizzas on their menu?  They are a 10 minute walk from our place of residence.  Although I am overjoyed at the increasing availability of vegan options throughout the Auckland region, it is becoming very dangerous in terms of healthy diet, because I want to go and try ALL THE THINGS.  Vegan junk food - just as bad for you as normal junk food, but without the ethical dilemma.

I think I'll just see this year out and then get my ass into gear for 2015.  Two more weeks of slovenly behaviour and bad eating habits, then back to the grindstone - exercise, healthy eating, and back to studying my degree.  This house could do with a really good clean too...  I've never been one for New Year resolutions, but I guess this comes pretty close to one.

What are your plans for 2015?  Do you have any?  Or is it just too early to start asking that question?

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