Friday, 19 December 2014

I wish I was a speed-reader

Ever wondered what super power you'd want if you could choose?  I don't want a super power, but I would like to be able to speed-read.  There are just so many books I want to read, and the list keeps getting longer.  Not to mention it would make studying a whole lot easier...  There is never enough time to read it all.  So I guess, in a way, it seems a little silly to be doing what I'm doing right now.  Every December the Auckland Central Library sets up a stand covered with bundles of five books tied together, with a tag attached to each giving a brief description or genre.  The idea is that you grab a bundle that takes your fancy, borrow the five books and read something you wouldn't ordinarily pick up off the shelf.  The incentive, aside from new reading material, is going in the draw to win a prize hamper full of goodies.  Every year (that we've lived in Auckland) I've looked at that stand of books, browsed the tags, then decided against it since I already have so much on my 'must read' list.  This year?  I decided to just do it.  I picked up a bundle that was full of murder mysteries written by authors I'd never heard of, entered my name for the prize (although that was never the draw card for me) and wandered back home with the books.  I've been reading the first book on the little pile over the last few days and I have to say, aside from the obvious cheesiness - a hotel manager with the surname Steward, a cook called Mrs Hubbard, several alliterative names, and a central character that appears to have no inner monologue - I actually found it quite interesting.  This book, and a few others in the bundle, are firsts in series.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing... ;)

I have finished the Christmas baking, wrapped all the presents and packed them in boxes ready for our departure to Hawkes Bay on Monday, and now I just have to pack.  I knit the boys each a pair of fingerless mitts as requested, but since I STILL don't have a phone (grrrr) I couldn't snap any finished pics.  I also finished the pair of socks in bamboo yarn and have started another pair.  Hopefully I will have a whole, working phone again soon and I'll be able to post pictures of them all.  For now, you just get my rambling text.  I know how much y'all love that, lol :)  Sure, I've been told by a few people that I 'talk' too much - for example my dad just gets the 'highlights' from mum and scrolls through the pictures (so these posts will be of no interest to him at all) but how else am I supposed to remember how exciting and glamorous my stay-at-home-mum life is if I don't document all the fascinating details?  You're welcome ^_^

Here's something interesting for you to look at, in case you were bored.  I'm always astounded and awed by what people can do.  Here's a compilation of some of the crazy/amazing stuff that happened around the world this year.  Enjoy.  Oh, and Merry Christmas :)

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