Thursday, 12 February 2015

Some things I have learned through running

  • If you're planning on going for a long run, take a hydration pack, even if you know there will be drinking fountains along the way.  Because chances are, you'll forget to stop for a drink at said drinking fountains, particularly if they are not directly in your path.
  • If you run 22km and only drink two mouthfuls of water, even if it is an overcast day, you will get dehydrated.
  • No amount of water you drink throughout the remainder of the day will get rid of the pounding headache you have developed as a result of the dehydration.
  • You'd be much better off taking some painkillers straight away instead of trying to ignore a headache for the better part of 11 hours, only to concede at 10:30pm that it will not go away just by rehydrating and you really should stop being stubborn and just take some painkillers already.
  • Running 20km on-road, after over a week of no running at all, and nearly two weeks of no on-road running, you are likely to injure yourself.

Essentially what I'm trying to say is, yes, I am an idiot.  You can probably figure out what I did wrong...  Now I am nursing a bung knee (again) and hoping it gets better soon so I can get out and run again this weekend.  Trails, natch.  I will be employing the kinesio tape in any case.  I should probably go clean my trail shoes first though - they're still a little dirty from this adventure nearly two weeks ago.  Wow, I really need to get better at looking after my gear!  It was a foggy, wet day, but a pretty awesome run all the same:

There's some more Waitakeres out there somewhere...

Some of the local native fauna

Ahh, pretty weeds...

Swamplands.  Hooray for boardwalks!


I hope your week is going well.  Mine's been slow and quiet, and it's been pretty great :)  More on that later.  See you again soon!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bung knee! Hope it gets better soon so you can hit those trails. I left ingrained mud on my shoes for a long time (remember Dome Valley?!) and when I wore them next they were kinda hard and gave me a massive blister on my big toe! Are you liking your new trail shoes?