Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Something other than running

I didn't get out onto the trails this weekend.  I got up early on Sunday morning, packed my gear, taped my knee, ate a healthy and filling breakfast, texted Martin to say I was in, and waited.  And waited.  He slept in, and we ended up not going.  I would've gone myself, but I had no other way of getting there.  You see, Deane managed to write off our car recently.  In a car park.  With no other traffic around.  I guess it's not really surprising, considering he manages to fall up the stairs on a regular basis.  The man is special.  But he's my special.  Sorry ladies, hands off, I'm keeping him.  Mostly for the entertainment value ;)

In any case, I'm transport-less for the time being, which has meant more time to do other things such as knit.

I finished these a while ago, but never posted it.  These are my 'vegan' socks, knit with bamboo yarn.  The pattern is Hermione's Everyday Socks, and the yarn was a gift from my friend KJ.

These socks I started just before Christmas, so I had an easy project to work on while on holiday back home.  I just finished them on Sunday, and have already decided who to give them to.  There was no pattern, I just cast on 60 stitches, worked a k5, p1 rib, and did a standard heel and toe.  The yarn was a prize from a Sock Madness competition some time ago - an indie dyer from the US, I've lost the yarn tag so I can't tell you the name :(

Excuse the random knee...

Dustland Mitts, knit with Knitsch alpaca merino yarn in Dorian, from a sock yarn club aaaaaaages ago.

My BFF and I are having a trashy Twilight movie marathon weekend over Easter, so in preparation for it, I'm knitting a little something Twilight-related for each movie.  Yes yes, I'm a total geek...

The first project was two pairs of Alice's Mitts - the top pair was knit in some handspun (maude & me. 'miss misery' spun into about a worsted weight two ply), and the bottom pair was knit in some worsted John Q yarn I had lying around, left over from other projects.  These will be for when we're watching New Moon.  I have a project planned for the first Twilight movie, one for Eclipse, and I'm still deciding on a project or projects for the two Breaking Dawn movies.

 The yarn for the next two projects (Twilight and Eclipse) is wound and ready to go!  I know what I'm doing for the next week or so...

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