Friday, 27 February 2015


I love running.  I especially love running in the early morning - it's invigorating, there's less traffic, it's not too hot, and it leaves you full of energy for the rest of the day.  So why then, can I not make myself get out of bed to do it?  Especially when I know perfectly well that I will have exactly zero opportunity to run during the day for the rest of the week, or over the weekend, unless I use the treadmill?  I have no answer to this.  My week has been one of sheer laziness.  Sure, I got stuck into my study and completed a couple of weeks work in a couple of days, and I did most of my housework (not that you can even tell now), but I have not run since Sunday, and my diet this week has been crammed full of junk.  Blech.  Well, to be fair, it has been interspersed with healthy vegan noms:

Blueberry oatcakes (I substituted apple sauce and tofu for the zucchini)

Chia pancakes with banana and peanut maple syrup (these were seriously amazeballs)

Cauliflower tabbouli, almond, rocket, roasted tomato sauce and cashew tzatziki with zucchini fritters from Misters - my new fave cafe.  I love love love their cashew milk coffees!  Although this time I had a cashew hot chocolate.

Hmmm, maybe not so healthy, but super yum!  Bought this at The Cruelty Free Shop - Botanical Cuisine frozen cashew yoghurt.

Zucchini noodles with a creamy sauce, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, capers, olives and herbs, and a coconut and raspberry o-ball for 'dessert', from The Raw Kitchen

I usually start the day eating healthy, then it starts to go downhill about mid-afternoon.  Kinda like this:

What can I say?  I like to eat :)

I did have a good run last Sunday that I rather enjoyed despite it being so wet we may as well have been swimming...  We ran from Constable Road to Bethells Beach and back again, about 22km in total with about 1,260m elevation gain, in just over four hours total.  It was a good day for a run.

Berries and gorse

Looking back towards Muriwai

Looking towards Bethells (hidden around the coastline), watching the rain come in

Clay formations

Bethells Beach

Starting to lose the ability to take pictures, because my phone screen and hands are too wet to be able to fully cooperate

Oh look, more rain...

I wanted to get a picture of the cool patterns in the water from the turbulence in the waves, but couldn't get the camera to focus.  It was at this point I decided to give up - the camera lense had fogged on the inside!

Deane is away all weekend on a fishing trip with a few of his mates.  They left this afternoon, and won't get back until Sunday.  I'm a little bummed about it, not because he's going to be away all weekend, but because it means I can't go car shopping until he gets back.  Sad face.

I've become a little OCD recently, since finding out that I can get my very own car all to myself.  Not brand spanking new, oh no, but new for me.  And all for me.  Which means no Deane mess, no food in the car (because I say so), no having to readjust the seat every time, no getting deafened by a ridiculously loud radio stuck on talk back stations whenever you turn the car on, no rubbish collecting in the foot wells, no ever-growing collection of random assorted items in the boot... Oh, I am so looking forward to it!  I have developed a spreadsheet of all the cars of interest on Trade Me, listing the year, make, model, odometer reading, colour, interior type, engine rating, WOF/registration, important features, and current asking price so I can compare them.  It's slightly less obsessive than what I was doing previously, which was keeping numerous tabs open on the desktop and refreshing them periodically so I could a) ogle the pictures of the pretty cars, and b) check to see if it had sold yet.  Yep, I'm a weirdo...  New car, squee!!!

I've also been pretty busy with knitting lately.  Since last post, I have completed a pair of long mittens, two hats, and half a pair of socks.

Boot socks (one of, currently working on the other), knit in Southlander, 'oatmeal' and 'java bracken'.  These are going to be super cozy in winter!!

Up close with the chunky knits! Bella's Eclipse Hat, also knit in Southlander 'oatmeal' and 'java bracken'.  I knit two of these - one for me, and one for my BFF.

So this weekend, since Deane is away and I have no driveable car, there will be knitting, classic Doctor Who (nearly finished the William Hartnell years!), Harry Potter, and maybe a little bit of assignment work.  Pyjama weekend!!!  Bring me all the wine and chocolate!  Have a good one, peeps :)

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