Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Things that make me smile

My kids.

X, expertly modelling my recently completed shawl.  Love the facial expression!

 T, snuggling up under the crochet blanket I've been working on recently.  Excuse the mess...

Coming home from a three hour trail run to discover my family have made me vegan chai spice snickerdoodle cookies (from the Isa Does It cookbook I've borrowed from the library for about the fourth time).

Procrastinating about study by baking my own cookies - jumbo oatmeal and raisin (also from Isa Does It.  I NEED to buy this cookbook).  They were really, really good.

Eating the best vegan burger I've ever had at Vinyl Coffee Shop on Dominion Road.  It was so good, I hugged the chef.

Getting my running mojo back, and managing to dodge the downpours.  This morning's run - here comes the rain again:


  • Seeing a guy running in a heavy downpour the other day, wearing sunglasses.  #badass
  • $16 earbuds from JB Hi-Fi that allow me to listen to classical music and drown out all the weird noises my family members make that I find really irritating.
  • Spotify.  Pitch Perfect soundtracks.  #sohappy  


  1. Those cookies and burger pictures made my stomach growl! I totally need to pick up the blanket I started a while a go - it sure feels like the right weather for it :)

  2. Glad you're getting your running mojo back! How did you get on with your shoes?

    1. Haven't done anything with them at this stage, just using them for shorter runs. Although a 16km run in them yesterday wasn't too bad...