Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Vegan diet: nailing it (mostly)

I went in and had a full health check last week, with a whole raft of blood tests etc etc.  I am super ridiculously healthy!  My iron and folate levels, B12 levels, and all the other bits and pieces are perfect.  I have excellent blood pressure, and I am comfortably in the healthy weight range.  The only thing I am slightly low in is Vitamin D.  My only explanation for this could be the whole staying inside and studying/knitting, not spending as much time outside in the sunlight.  I have three tablets to take, one per month for winter, and then I should be sweet.  Vitamin D deficiency prevents your body from absorbing enough calcium, which can eventually lead to osteoporosis, or bone softening/weakening.  I have never broken a bone, so I think my bones are pretty healthy, but it's good to keep on top of these things :)

I am definitely gluten intolerant, but like many things, the level of intolerancy is a spectrum.  Mine is not severe, so I can manage it much like I do IBS - how it works best for me.  Thankfully, I don't have to cut it out of my diet completely.  I just know what will happen if I eat too much, so it's my own responsibility.

My doctor is 100% supportive of my vegan diet, and is confident that I am managing my diet well in terms of getting the right amount of nutrients (as indicated by my blood tests).  Onward with healthy, ethical, environmentally friendly eating!

Knitting the blanket is going very well - it really is quite an enjoyable knit.  I've churned through nearly four 100g skeins of Malabrigo Worsted, and am 42 rows through the large chart, with 40 to go before the border.  I expect I'll go through a few more skeins in the process!  I purchased eight, just to be sure I had more than enough.  Unfortunately, it's impossible to take a picture of a square blanket on a circular needle that isn't long enough to spread out even a quarter of the blanket, so the only picture I can offer you of my progress is this:

Can't wait 'til it's finished!  It'll look fabulous once it's blocked, and then I can move on to more projects, like this one, or this one.  Oh, this baby will be drowning in hand knits...

Although, I'm itching to cast on a cardigan or two.  Having gone through my wardrobe of knits for the winter, I've come to the conclusion that I don't actually like the necks on two of my jerseys (square and envelope collars), another one is too itchy (possum/merino blend), so that leaves me with my two favourite cardigans, and the lovely soft teal cardigan.  Others have been given away, or wrecked in some way (felted, got a hole that I never quite got around to fixing).  Yes, it's definitely time for new hand knits.  I'm thinking a Rocky Coast or Tinder...

As expected, spring cleaning (er, winter cleaning) is going slowly but well.  I've cleaned the entire downstairs from top to bottom (literally), and now just have the upstairs to do.  We won't mention the outside...  But today?  Today, my SIL and I will be watching Duck Dynasty :)  Have a good week!

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